“Michael had no long term horizon, didn’t care about anything, was disengaged and had no foundation to start the recovery journey… Today he is a productive senior in HS involved in extra-curricular activities and thinking about college. (Headway) gave us traction, a positive track record of real accomplishments and new beginning.” 

- Headway Client

(LEAD) Legal and Economic Aspects of Divorce

LEAD is a 3 1/2 hour one-time educational seminar around legal and economic issues couples face when they divorce or separate. Headway's LEAD seminar is designed to be a basic introduction to the complex decision-making process of meeting the needs of the involved children, managing the strong emotions parents often experience dealing with time and money, and navigating the foreign and sometimes confusing nature of law and finance. A family lawyer will present information parents will find useful in mapping out their course through this aspect in the process of divorce or separation. Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the seminar. This program satisfies the court requirement for Legal and Economic Aspects of Divorce.

Held in Richfield and Monticello.

**Parents in a contested divorce are required by Minnesota state law to attend eight hours of parent education, which is satisfied by taking both Co-Parenting and Legal and Economic Aspects of Divorce (LEAD). Parents can attend together or alone.**

Check with the court for your specific requirements.

Recent parent feedback

  • The feeling of being in the same room with others in the same boat helps to reassure me that I am not alone and that there is hope that there will be some resolution and that my children will have a better and more secure future.
  • Presenter was not only insightful but entertaining. Best $40 I've spent all year.
  • In person is more flexible and responsive to individuals.

In our follow up survey of participants one year after attending our seminars, 92% found the classes helpful or extremely helpful in co-parenting with their partner. 96% would recommend the Headway seminars to other parents in a similar situation.

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