“I have been living with mental illnesses since I was 13... hospitalized more than 10 times since I was 19. After being in therapy for the last six months, I feel more stable than I have in my whole life... I love what they have done for me.” 

- Headway Client

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April 8, 2013

Group Therapy - A valuable tool for many

Group therapy can be intimidating for those of us who have never experienced it, but it is an important primary or supportive method toward healing in many areas of life.

Our new general therapy group for adults at our Golden Valley location is the perfect way to illustrate this. This particular group is designed for existing Headway clients currently involved in individual therapy, family members of current clients, and for new clients who would benefit from group therapy.

Why choose a general adult therapy group?

For people have difficulty relating to others, a group therapy situation encourages honest, safe, social interaction and an opportunity for participants to learn many valuable things about themselves. Working on relationships directly with other group members allows them to learn about and understand the issues that interfere with their outside relationships, carries over to make them better. Members will discover how to have more rewarding relationships with significant people in their life now and those they have yet to meet.

What kind of clients benefit most significantly from group therapy?

Below is a list of issues that can be effectively addressed and improved through group therapy:

  • Interpersonal problems
    • Loneliness
    • Shyness
    • Social withdrawal
    • Excessive competitiveness
    • Aggressiveness
    • Abrasiveness
    • Argumentativeness
    • Suspiciousness
    • Problems with authority
    • Narcissism
    • Difficulty with empathy
    • Difficulty accepting criticism
    • Continuous need for admiration
    • Feelings of being unlovable
    • Fear of being assertive
    • Dependency within relationship
  • Impulsivity and the need to act immediately on feelings
  • Highly intellectualizing problems and perceptions of others

In certain cases group therapy is not the best option for addressing these issues - this is why proper assessment and an individual treatment plan are needed to ensure the right therapy option for each individual.

If you find yourself struggling, or know someone who is struggling with any of the issues listed above, we have many resources available, including our new group, to help you move forward. Call our intake professionals 763-746-2411 to schedule an appointment. Remember- reaching out is the first step toward a brighter today.

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