“Three things in my life saved me from going down a path of misery and depression:  my mother, God, and the staff (at Headway)…With each struggle I face now, I am filled with the courage and skills to take a healthy approach to fixing whatever it is that is I am having trouble with.”

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February 26, 2013

New App Helps Teens With Challenging Life Issues

At Headway, we work directly with over 5,000 youth and parents each year who face painful and disruptive life challenges. These youth and families realize that professional help is the best option for them. But we know that reaching out for help can be very difficult for anyone who is suffering.

That's why we were pleased to learn about TeenSphere, a new mobile application that can help teens and their parents understand the difficult and serious issues they face every day - from the privacy of their mobile devices. This interactive application is an early intervention tool, a way to reach, reassure, educate and guide adolescents who may have, or know someone experiencing, difficult issues. While it is designed for teenagers, it is also a great resource for parents, teachers, or others who interact with teens.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, TeenSphere provides accurate, concise answers to challenging questions about emotional, behavioral, relationship, and substance abuse issues. It also contains relevant videos, helpful tools, symptom checklists and resources for teens when they are unable or unwilling to turn to an adult for answers. TeenSphere covers a wide range of critical topics, including: Feelings; Bullying; Self-harm; Eating Disorders; Relationships; Stress; Self-Esteem; Drugs/Alcohol; and LGBT.

Throughout Minnesota, and nearly everywhere, teens and their parents are experiencing difficult, emotionally challenging life situations. For the majority of these teens, supportive adult role models, positive loving families, friends, and access to educational resources are all they need to make it through adolescents, becoming healthy young adults. For some of these teens, tools like TeenSphere could be one of the supports they need to get through their struggles.

For teens who are experiencing significant issues that seriously disrupt their progress at school or home, TeenSphere can be the information bridge that might lead them and their parents to see they may need professional help

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