"My staff (at Sioux Trail Elementary) have been sharing about Headway's training sessions. Teachers come back from the trainings excited to try new strategies and they have new understanding regarding mental health issues. This is making a difference in their classrooms and helping them relate to students when they are struggling."

-Shannon McParland, Principal, Sioux Trail Elementary

Headway Minute

July 31, 2013

Headway to provide in-school therapy in Anoka-Hennepin District Schools

Starting this fall, Headway school-based therapists will be serving children and adolescents at schools in the Anoka-Hennepin County School District. Much like our contracts with other districts, Anoka-Hennepin has hired Headway to develop and run a school-based mental health program that will go well beyond the prevention and intervention services the district has provided in the past.

The district awarded a contract in late June for Headway to provide 14 full-time clinicians who have either masters or doctoral degrees and are licensed as independent clinical social workers, psychologists, professional clinical counselors or marriage & family therapists. Headway staff will work in a collaborative model with school staff to maximize the positive coordination of support for struggling students. Headway staff will provide services over the summer as well.

While this is a new service for the school district, it is an established service model for Headway as we have been providing school based mental health services since 2008. With the addition of Anoka Hennepin, Headway will now serve 37 schools in five school districts around the metro area.

We are excited to begin this partnership, and based on our experience in the other Districts we serve, we are certain that these services will improve outcomes for students in Anoka-Hennepin schools.

Dr. Jinger Gustafson, associate superintendent for the District's middle schools and head of the Student Services Department agrees: "Since we are able to offer specific mental health services through our school-based mental health model, we can reach out to even more students who may be experiencing academic, behavior, and social struggles," she says. "We are able to align our support services to meet the specific needs of our students and families which is a key factor in student achievement."

Our onsite presence means families no longer have to arrange for clinical mental health services outside of school, nor rearrange work schedules and/or take time off to bring the child to the appointment. Often when outside services are the only offering, many parents are simply unable to follow through, especially if they don't have health insurance coverage or have coverage with high cost-sharing.

In the new school-based model, the students' insurance will pay for the cost of therapy, but if they are uninsured or underinsured district funds will cover it. Dr. Nita Kumar, mental health consultant for the school district explains: "A child who is medically in need of mental health services will be able to get them. If a high co-pay or deductible is standing in the way, the child will still get help because of the flexibility built into this program."

For more information about or contacts for our school-based programs, or for Headway school based therapy locations, please visit our website.

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