“Three things in my life saved me from going down a path of misery and depression:  my mother, God, and the staff (at Headway)…With each struggle I face now, I am filled with the courage and skills to take a healthy approach to fixing whatever it is that is I am having trouble with.”

- Headway Client


School-Based Therapy

School can be a very stressful place. To support our area’s students, we have therapists on-site in dozens of schools, readily available to our young clients, their families, and school faculty and staff who may need to refer a student in emotional distress. Having easy access to a trained mental health therapist can help a struggling child deal with concerns as they arise and can lead to marked improvements in attendance, behavior, and academic success.

What is school-based therapy?

Our school-based services help children and families achieve lasting results and skills for life. Therapists directly address mental health concerns, chemical abuse, and school success through formal therapy services, support and advocacy for families, and consultation with school staff. Through assessment and treatment, plans are created to identify and eliminate blocks that interfere with a student’s success.

Are parents or guardians involved?

Absolutely! Parents or guardians start with the process by sharing information with the therapist, learning about the intake and therapy process, and signing some paperwork. They review and sign treatment plans developed for their child, and participate in family therapy as needed. Parents are kept up to date on progress by the therapist as well.

Are teachers involved?

Teachers consult with therapists, make referrals, and, with a signed release, are updated on a need-to-know basis about how the therapy will impact the child in the classroom.

Are groups available?

Groups can be formed on an as-needed basis with collaboration with the school. You can contact your school’s Headway therapist for information on current offerings.

How long does treatment last?

Treatment usually goes for 9-12 months, longer as needed. Sessions typically happen on a weekly basis.

Does therapy interfere with the school day?

It might, but therapists try to schedule sessions around important core classes.

What happens in the summer?

Services can continue into the summer as needed.

What does it cost?

We bill insurance for our school-based services. To see if we work with your insurance company, or if cost may be a barrier, you can contact us at (763) 746-2411 or at SchoolBasedBilling@headway.org

Where can I find out if there is a therapist in my child’s school?

We have a list of all our school-based locations here.

How do I start the process for my child?

You can contact our new client experience team at (763) 746-2411 or info@headway.org to get started. They can also answer any further questions you may have, or direct you to a school-based therapist for more information.

This service area is partially supported by the Park Nicollet Foundation.


Vision is an in-school program which provides special education and mental health services to students in pre-school, elementary, middle and high school classrooms. It is based around the "circle of courage" idea, with concepts of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. 

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