"I just want to say thank you for the support provided by Headway. We have had our new full time staff, Liz, for a week and many positive outcomes are being felt building wide."

-Shannon McParland, Principal, Sioux Trail Elementary

Pre-Doctoral Internship Program:

Our APA accredited pre-doctoral internship program has two full-time positions beginning in early September and running through the following August (2000 hours). Our generalist clinician-scholar training model prepares students to develop key skills needed to work effectively in a community mental health setting.

Program Goals and Training

Interns have the option of choosing between two separate year-long tracks at either our Richfield Outpatient site or our Golden Valley Outpatient site. Regardless of placement, you will receive education and clinical training in general outpatient therapy and psychological assessment. Interns are also encouraged to develop and implement a therapeutic program of their own. Opportunities for couple or family therapy are also available.

Site-Specific Therapy Focus

At the Richfield Site, interns are involved in the Primary Impact Program working with sexual perpetrators and child and adolescent victims of trauma. Interns also have the opportunity to co-facilitate youth sexual offender group sessions.

At the Golden Valley site, Interns will receive comprehensive training in both individual and group DBT sessions.


Testing is an integral part of the internship experience. Psychology interns have the opportunity to observe and engage in cognitive testing, achievement testing, court-ordered evaluations, and personality evaluations. Referral sources vary widely and include schools, child protection, the juvenile justice system, and the broader community.


Each intern is assigned to two doctoral-level licensed psychologists for primary clinical supervision, and receive a minimum of two hours of individual supervision per week. Interns will also receive a minimum of three hours of regularly scheduled group supervision/consultation/didactics each week with a licensed doctoral level psychologist. On the third Friday of the month, interns are encouraged to attend a monthly didactic presentation for additional training.

Intern Selection and Application Process

While all students enrolled in doctoral programs in clinical and counseling psychology are encouraged to apply, preference is given to students from APA-accredited graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology. Members from underrepresented groups or individually or culturally diverse applicants are especially encouraged to apply. Selection is based on demonstrated competence as outlined in their AAPI (APPIC Application for Psychology Internship) as well as goodness of fit with our program.

To apply, students must submit an application through the APPIC portal and click on the AAPI Online Link.

Applications for the 2019-2020 internship year are due by November 30, 2019. Those invited for an interview will be notified by December 13, 2019. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for January 6, 2020.

Students interested in our predoctoral internship program must submit their application through the APPIC website. More detailed information about our internship program can be found in our Predoctoral Psychology Internship Brochure. Please also see our Internship Program C-27 I Tables for Internship Admissions, Support, and Program Data.


We offer master’s level and doctoral-level practicum opportunities for students studying psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work. Most positions begin in the fall after Labor Day and typically run for nine months. All students participate in weekly supervision/didactic/consultation meetings with qualified licensed providers.

Master’s Level Practicums (Social Work, Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Psychology)

Day Treatment Program - Mental Health Worker Practicum (Hopkins, Brooklyn Center)

This practicum is for Bachelor’s level students and Foundational Master’s level students.

In this position, you will have the opportunity to provide behavioral management and skill-building to adolescent clients in one of our Day Treatment programs by creating a positive therapeutic milieu and observing and intervening proactively. The practicum includes collaboration, education, and support in the academic classroom, and behavioral management in the Day Treatment milieu. You will also assist in leading therapeutic experiential and skills groups for the clients, and support the other Day Treatment program therapists with their clients and document the work daily.

To apply for this practicum opportunity, click here.

Day Treatment Program - Therapist Practicum (Hopkins, Brooklyn Center)

This is a Clinical practicum for Master’s level students pursuing a degree in therapy.

This position provides individual, family, and group therapy to clients within our day treatment program. Practicum students will maintain a small caseload of 2-4 clients for which they will be responsible for maintaining treatment plans, diagnostic assessments, therapy progress notes, and communication for coordinating care. There are weekly supervisions and consultations where practicum students will have the opportunity to present their cases to the larger consult group for case formulation.

To apply for this practicum opportunity, click here.

School-Based Program - Therapist Practicum (Location Varies)

This practicum program is for master’s level practicum students. For social work interns, we are considered a clinical placement (the second field placement in their master’s program).

School-based therapy interns work with one of our school-based programs (in either the Anoka-Hennepin or Burnsville/Eagan/Savage districts). You will work alongside a Headway therapist at an assigned school site, engaging in individual therapy, including conducting diagnostic assessments and providing weekly therapy sessions. You will have the opportunity to work with clients with a wide variety of presenting mental health issues and concerns. Headway also offers many training and learning opportunities to enhance the practicum experience.

To apply for this internship/practicum opportunity, click here.

Doctoral-level Practicums (Counseling and Clinical Psychology)

Assessment Practicum

This program is designed for students in clinical or counseling psychology graduate programs who are wanting a more assessment-focused practicum.

Students will observe and complete comprehensive psychological evaluations in our school-based program using a wide array of assessment tools. You will receive training in gathering interview and testing data to obtain a comprehensive picture of present functioning to help guide treatment recommendations.

To apply for this practicum opportunity, click here.

Advanced Doctoral Practicum

This program is for students in clinical or counseling psychology graduate programs who have previously completed a therapy practicum experience and want more experience in both individual or group therapy and psychological testing.

Students will have the opportunity to work with clients with a wide variety of presenting issues and concerns. Additionally, each site offers unique specialized training opportunities to work with adolescent sexual offenders, child and adolescent victims of trauma, and DBT training.

To apply for this practicum opportunity, click here.

Practicum Application Timeline and Process

Students interested in applying for a practicum opportunity can do so by clicking on the applicable link above. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and will be notified regarding next steps starting in January 2020. Interviews will be offered to students beginning at the end of January.

If you have questions about our internship or practicum programs or the application process, please contact:

Lauren Kim-Bae, Ph.D., LP

Training and Assessment Director

Email: Lauren.kim-bae@headway.org

Phone: (612) 798-8187 (Direct)

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