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"I just want to say thank you for the support provided by Headway. We have had our new full time staff, Liz, for a week and many positive outcomes are being felt building wide."

-Shannon McParland, Principal, Sioux Trail Elementary

Yoga Calm

"I took the Wellness 1-3 classes in June of 2016 & have been using it ever since. The thing I love about Yoga Calm is the pre-determined sequences. I use the Calming Routine & the Releasing Routine most often. I have my clients choose a relaxation activity at the beginning of each session and some of them chose yoga or sometimes I have it scheduled as our main focus for the day. The kids especially like to learn the routine & then make a poster for them to bring home so they can do the routine at home. We take pictures of them doing the moves or we draw stick figures doing the moves. So fun!"

- Rondilienne Skordahl, Mental Health Therapist, Anoka-Hennepin

"I am in the process of completing the Certified Youth Instructor program with Yoga Calm. Currently, I use it to supplement almost all sessions (breathing to start interventions, ending with a routine or combining movement with positive self-talk).  I also have started a DAILY mind Benders group (yoga calm) with  my older setting 3 classroom here at Crooked Lake!  Whew!"

- Kathryn Jurado, Mental Health Therapist, Anoka Hennepin

"Right now the class is held in the morning for some of my client’s and Adventures Plus (basically before school childcare) students.  The school runs on a different calendar than M-F, so I use the Art room on the days that the Art teacher is not at school early in the morning.  Our group runs from 8-9 and we eat breakfast together.  Clients are allowed to invite other peers to join the group, however, I do need permission from parents for their participation."

"The group is geared towards building community, relaxation skills, regulation techniques, self-control, and physical and mental strength.  As the group currently has 6 kiddos (elementary age), we also work on friendship and social skills."

"I do teach the class and I have been practicing yoga consistently for almost a year now.  I practice almost every day and I am very passionate about its benefits.  I became interested in the Yoga Calm training last year when Kathy Flaminio came to Headway for a 3rd Friday training.  Due to the benefits I’ve gained from a daily practice, I wanted to be able to find additional techniques to use with my individual clients.  Because of the nature of Yoga and the awesome groups activities presented in the training, I wanted to learn how to run Yoga groups with some of my client’s to build my clinical skills and hopefully help them benefit.  It is a very beginning level class with a large focus on mental health.  We talk about different ways to be healthy and how to take care of our bodies, minds, and relationships."

- Vanessa Glatt, Mental Health Therapist, Anoka Hennepin

For more information on Yoga Calm, please visit the Yoga Calm website at

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